SATA Expansion Bay 2.5″


1. Plug & Play

2. Fast & Reliable connection  just as the primary HDD.

3. Fully integrated into Laptop, no cables / PSU / software driver needed.

4. Dual boot, Support installation of 2nd Operating System on the 2nd HDD and boot selection.

5. 3 switchable channels, A for HP / Sony, B for Dell / IBM, C for other brand



How to use:

1.  Unpack the New drive, lift the adapter retaining latch, the screw to the hard disk

2. Insert the drive into the Adapter at an angle

3. Slide the drive into the connector until it locks into place

4. Lower the adapter retaining latch until it snaps closed



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The Universal SATA-to-SATA Caddy is compatible with laptops that has a 12.7mm-thick / high optical bay with a SATA interface.

Applicable Laptop Models:

For Lenovo: 

Y series:Y450 Y460 Y470 Y550 Y560 Y570 Y650 Y710 Y730

V series:V450 V460 V55

Other series:G450 B450 Z460 Z465 and so on.

For Soyang:E46 E46L E43G E43A E43L E47

For Thinkpad:

SL300 SL400 SL400C SL410 SL410K SL500 SL500C SL510 L410 L410 L421 E40 E420 E425 E50 E520 E525

for SONY:

EA/EB/EE all the types

For  HP(CQ)series:


For  DV series:

DV3 4 5 6 7 8(CD-ROM SATA Interface)4410S/4411S 4413S/4415S4416S/4421S 4425S/510 511 515 516 520

6730P/6930P/6535B/6440B and so on.


4750G/4551G 4552G 4810T 4820T4740G 4741G 4745G 4738Z AS7739Z 5742G

For ASUS: 

A Series:A40/A41 A42 A43 A43S/A52/A72

K series:K42 K43/K52/K50/K51/K72

N series:N42/N43/N52/N53/N71/N81

For Hasee:

A350 A400 A410 A420 A430 A450 A460 A470A500 A550 A560 A570 A580 K360 K470 K480

For Dell:

N4040 M4010 750 760E.TM15X



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